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Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations

Welcome to the home of unique baby shower invitations! Beautiful and distinctive baby shower invitations will add that special touch to this important day for the mom-to be.

Each invitation was created and designed by a team of talented passionate artists.

With many categories to browse through, you will find an baby shower invitation that will be just right for you.

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Baby Shower Invites

Baby Shower Games

If you are planning a baby shower then you most likely have thought about which baby shower games to play. There several popular free baby shower games that go over with the guests quite well. Baby Shower Games should be fun and exciting and not too long, so the guests do not lose interest. Some games for baby showers can get quite expensive, but there are plenty of fun and free baby shower games that you can play at your next baby shower. Here are two very inexpensive and fun games.

Baby Word Scramble

This is a simple baby shower game that can be fun and challenging for guests. All it takes is a computer and access to a printer and some paper. Use a word processing program to come up with different words that relate to babies, such as bassinet, sleeper, diapers, bottle, baby monitor, stroller and car seat. Choose approximately 20-25 words for the game. Type the words so that they are scrambled and unrecognizable at first glance. You want to make the game challenging but not too difficult that it takes the guest over 10 minutes to do the scrambles.

Then, when at the baby shower, simply hand out the puzzles to the guests and have them start the game all at the same time. Whoever finishes first and has them all correct wins the game. If no one finishes within 8-10 minutes then you can stop the game and have whoever has the most correct win the prize.

How Big?

This is one of the fun baby shower games for the guest, but it may need approval from the mom-to-be before you plan on playing the game at the shower. Some pregnant women may not be comfortable with their guests guessing how big their belly is now. For this game, all you will need is a spool of yarn or ribbon and a pair of scissors. These may be items that you all already have at home and don't even have to spend money on.

When it is time to play the game, have the mom-to-be stand in front of the guests so that can see what she looks like. Then go around to each guest and have them cut a piece of yarn the size that they think the mother is around her baby belly. You may want to have 2-3 lines of cutting going on so that is goes quicker. This game can also be played while guests are enjoying dessert since it does not require much attention. Once everyone has cut their piece of yarn, wrap the yarn around the momís-to-be belly and cut the string where the ends meet. Next, walk around with the yarn and compare it to the pieces that the guests cut. Whoever comes the closest wins the prize.

Baby shower games can liven up the mood of a baby shower and it also provides a way to hand out little gifts to the guests. Games don't have to be expensive, though, to be fun.